Virtual & Augmented Reality

The virtual reality experience minor is focused on creating creative solutions and virtual/mixed/augmented reality products. Interdisciplinary student teams work together like a small start-up company on finding practical and creative solutions for their industry partner.

An mini-symposium will be organised 3 July 2020 where 6 different XR products will be presented and you get the change to meet the makers. Find a sneak preview of the projects and the program below.

The program & live stream

The mini-symposium takes place online 3 July 2020 between 14:00-17:30h. The program consists out of two parts: 1) presentations about 6 different projects and 2) meet & greet to personally meet the makers.

Room 1 & 2 are reserved for the presentations. You can enter these rooms by using the links under the program. Feel free to switch rooms between the presentations.

The other rooms are reserved for the meet & greet with specific teams and talk to them in person. Feel free to join the rooms during the time slots indicated to complement, meet and question the makers of the different projects! Don’t hesitate to drop in – You can join only for 5 minutes or spend there a longer time, it is up to you. For general questions about the program, collaborations or to get in touch with the teachers, join the Q&A in room 1.

The last part of the program are personal speed dates where individual student are meeting other students in a face to face. This part of the program is not open for the general public.

Check the program below to find out what is going on in each room at a certain time.

Enter room 1 by clicking here
Enter room 2 by clicking here
Enter room Submerge by clicking here
Enter room ChansVR by clicking here
Enter room Virtual birds by clicking here
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The projects

A dream by Fred

A Dream by Fred, an interactive experience that takes you down to a deep-sea spectacle. Discover the ocean floor and a coral reef while you design your own A Fish Named Fred shirt!

Made by ChansVR – Chris Kesarsing, Nick Overweg, Stijn Tromp, Harm Verseveld & Annabelle Westerveld
In collaboration with A fish named Fred

The PD workspace 

The VR workspace is a tool for the Amsterdam Forensic Police department. In the PD workspace enables police officers, after visiting a crime scene, to continue their work and documentation in VR. By means of a 3D scan of a crime scene and handy tools, the VR workspace makes sure findings and insights can be shared with colleagues and others. This tools helps police officers to learn from each other and new situations.

Made by Submerge -Michael Cheung, Luca Guagliardo, Stephanie Kuipers, Barry Lof & Arthur Spuijman
In collaboration with the Amsterdam Police department

Jim’s Secret Project

In Jim’s Secret Project, users are tasked with assisting a scientist with the testing of his latest creation, a machine that can travel through time! Play and find out what the future holds for you.

Made by Virtual Birds –  Jorn van ’t Hof, Mirre Kerssenberg, Gijs Post, Mike Tetteroo & Vincent Vlaanderen Oldenzeel
In collaboration with the UvA & WeMakeVR


Mindstate is a interactive guided meditation experience during which the user is taught different techniques of meditation through seven different levels, each with their own peaceful environment and different forms of mediation. Our goal is to teach people to reach mindfulness. The practice of minduflness means to be attentive in a special way: being consciously present in the here and know, without judging yourself, your thoughts or others. Being mindful is to experience a certain peace of mind. Through Mindstate we hope to help lots of different people to achieve mindfulness in their daily lives.

Made by 3JDT’jes – Jasper van den Barg, Dennis Fens, Thomas Huijbens, Jolijn Kint & Joppe Min
In collaboration with Therapieland

The augmented Old Church

An Augmented Reality experience introducing you to the buried people in the church. This fun experience full off interactions and animations gives you more in-depth information about the lives of the buried people.

Made by Virtue – Mike van den Hoek, Roel Meijns, Sander Oostenbrink, Daylison de Wind & Charlie Yau
In collaboration with de Oude Kerk

Exercise Realized

ProCare is a company that distributes machines that increase and measure the physical health of its users. These machines, however, are hard to transport due to their size and weight and they are all located in Groningen. VRPD has created a way for ProCare’s customers to get an experience from these machines, without the machines actually being there. In this VR experience, users can view the machine up close and from any angle and even see how they operate. Each machine is placed in their own respective area, giving the machines their own personality and feel.

Made by VR:PD – Roman Betist, Wouter Bijnsdorp, Marc Gomersbach, Youbin Kim, Adrian Vermeij
In collaboration with ProCare