Virtual & Augmented Reality

An online mini-symposium will be held on the 25th June 2021 where five different XR products created by students of the interdisciplinary XR minor will be presented. Scroll down to find trailers of these projects and a link to the online symposium.


The symposium will take place online 25/6 between 14:00-16:00h (CEST) and is free of charge. Links to the online rooms can be found underneath the schedule.

Click here for room 1 recordings
Click here for room 2 recordings

Project trailers

The World of Misu by VRolijk 

Take a deep breath and join us for a walk through nature. Take a look at our zen garden, waterfall or great bonsai tree. Or meet Theo for a relaxing breathing exercise at a beautiful location. Welcome to the world of Misu!

Rechercheur-training door Longview


A Cat’s Tale by Walkin’ Talkies

For those bedridden in a hospital, entertainment is hard to find and the environment of a hospital might feel stressful. That’s why in the world of A Cat’s Tale you get to experience a calming lush forest in virtual reality without needing any controllers or movement. Simply look around from any position and follow the tale of Wobble as he meets a new friend.

Patta Island by PresVR

Discover the Patta Island in VR, in which you will discover everything you didn’t know yet about Patta and get the chance to earn a discount code.

Tai Chi by VRstories

Feeling a bit stressed? Do you want to relax a bit in a calm environment? Come on and follow me along for some Tai Chi. Don’t worry all you have to do is sit down, relax and follow your instructor. Now calmly breathe in and breathe out, let’s begin our journey where reality meets fantasy.